Theta Nu Sigma Sorority SL

The Wings of Transformation is Born of Patience and Struggle

Welcome to the home of 

Theta Nu Sigma Sorority of Second life. 

ONE is a sorority started on a virtual game but goes beyond its virtual walls. While we connect via a platform called second life. We are a true to light sisterhood. We have no affiliation with any real world Greek sorority. We are however a group of women who believe in empowering other women. We pride our selves in being able to cultivate sisterhood not only with in the organization but out side with fellow sororities and fraternities. Our desire is to keep people aware of social issues, political issues, global issues & health issues. Aside from Fundrasing and keeping active in philanthropy. We like to help promote and build business on the sl grid. 

Madame Founders:
( photoed left to right )
Divadee Resident aka Big Sister So Fancy
Candy2love Resident, Big Sister Time Is Money
Jae Somerset, Big Sister Diva Is A Fenale Version Of A Hustla 
Jade53 Resident,  Big Sister Sweet N Spicy






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JANUARY 21, 2017 

 5-7PM SLT 











{Theta Nu Sigma}

Θ N Σ was Founded March 4, 2013 By Jae Somerset. On November 8, 2013 Theta Nu Sigma Was Established with the Following Founders Chief In Command Jae Somerset Founder 2nd In Command Mystery92 Resident. On January 13, 2014 Founder 1st in Command EmpressDyme was added as a Founder of Theta Nu Sigma. On October 1,  of 2015 Theta Nu Sigma Underwent a Spiritual Re-birthing. A self growth took place in reforming our sorority. On October 15,  2015 The Θ N Σ Founders  Jade53 Resident 1st in Command , DivaDee Resident 2nd in command were promoted into the organization as founders. on September 2, 2016 Theta Nu Sigma inducted Candy2Love Resident as a Founder 3rd in command  


{Theta Nu Sigma}

.Theta Nu Sigma Also Known as ΘNΣ was formed to create a platform where women from all walks of life could stand as individuals while yet being apart of a bigger organization. ΘNΣ is not just a Sorority but a true Sisterhood where each Member can feel welcomed as not only a sister but a family member. Our Purpose is to raise awareness on and off the grid about issues, non prof. organizations and causes. We also support other sororities and fraternities on and off the grid. affiliated and non affiliated. Our purpose also includes Unity, Support, and Community Service to those in need on and off the grid to help foster ΘNΣness at all times